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About NUNA

About NUNA

NUNA is the North University Neighborhood Association in Austin Texas. Its boundaries are 38th Street to the North, 27th Street to the South, Duval Street to the East, and Guadalupe Street to the West.

The modest NUNA dues ($15 per individual, $25 per family or $10 per student) are due at the beginning of each year. Membership Dues are used for the Annual Fourth of July Parade, signs to promote NUNA meetings and events, and other expenses that occur during the year. To pay your dues, make your checks payable to NUNA and send them to:

Jan Moyle

 200 W. 32nd Street

Austin, TX, 78705 


NUNA bylaws

NUNA General Membership Bylaws

The bylaws became effective after approval by two-thirds (2/3) of the general membership present at the April 3rd, 2006 neighborhood meeting. NUNA's bylaws may be reviewed here online.

The Bylaws are in Adobe PDF format and approximately 68 KB in size.View it - download it here.


North University Neighborhood History

Learn more about the history of this area. Much of the history content was contributed by Carol Journeay, Scott Morris, and Scott Barnes, residents of the North University Neighborhood.