General Info

Garbage Carts

Three sizes of garbage carts are available:

30 gallon (usually green)
60 gallon (usually grey)
90 gallon (usually brown)

recyling day

Recycling Bins

Recycling bins are available at Fire Stations. Additional recycling bins are available free of charge from any City of Austin Fire Station (4301 Speedway or 201 West 30th St.). Make sure you bring a current utility bill to show you are a Solid Waste Services customer.

Welcome to NUNA


Concerns About Noise or Vandalism


The North University Neighborhood is a thriving, densely populated community with a mix of people from diverse walks of life. For over 120 years families, parents and their children, couples, single professionals, graduate students, and undergraduate students have enjoyed a friendly, cooperative coexistence often separated only by a fence or a driveway. Collectively, we understand that every person contributes to the fabric of our unique Central Austin community. We value each other as neighbors and are genuinely proud to call this area our home.

Recently, unreasonable after-hours noise has become an issue in our area, disrupting the lives of many people. NUNA has been developing guidelines with other neighborhood groups and the Austin Police Department to implement a solution to the noise problem. APD officers have committed to help you by enforcing a strong noise ordinance, but they need your help. The residents must be serious and proactive about the situation.

City of Austin Code §9-2-3 (1)(3) states that a person may not make noise audible to an adjacent residence between 10:30 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. Violations are punishable as a Class C misdemeanor.

If you experience unreasonable after-hours noise in your area, NUNA and APD strongly encourage you to do ALL of the following:

  • Call 311, and tell the operator that this is a “call for noise.” You will be directed to the APD non-emergency call center.
  • Report the disruptive noise activity; provide the address and note any other factors, e.g. suspected underage drinking, drug use, or parking violations.
  • Request that the attending officer obtain the names and dates of birth of all the subjects for the report. (This information may be used to file other criminal charges, pursue civil litigation with the tenant or landlord, and if the defendants are students, to contact parents or seek disciplinary action with the university.)
  • Tell the operator to note on the call that you are with NUNA.
  • Finally, obtain the 7-digit call number from the operator for future reference.

At a convenient time, e-mail any information about the incident to
An officer with NUNA will follow up and contact the owner and landlord of the property if applicable.

Working together, we can preserve this unique residential area and ensure the quality of life for all residents.